Carolina reaper pepper puree and mash

Ways to Use Carolina Reaper Mash

Many people like to make their own hot sauces or salsas at home. Have you ever tried it only to find out it just didn’t have the super full taste of some store bought sauces? It’s probably because you didn’t use a pepper mash for the base. Many prefer using Carolina Reaper paste or mash for their base. Adding a Reaper puree can give you the full flavor you are looking for. 

What is Carolina Reaper Mash?

A Reaper Mash is made through the fermenting process. Fresh Carolina Reaper chili peppers are mixed with salt and allowed the time needed to ferment. Before it is canned and sealed, the Reaper mash has some citric acid just to ensure a stable shelf life. Adding the citric acid will also help preserve the fresh flavor. This mash can be used in a variety of ways and adds flavor and spice to all sorts of soups, salsas and sauces.

How to Use Carolina Reaper Mash

Reaper puree has a wide variety of uses. It is commonly used to make homemade salsa, but there are literally tons of ways to use it beyond making tasty salsa. Add it to your next batch of barbecue sauce to spice it up and impress your guests.  Reaper mash is great in just about any type of sauce you make from home. It will add some heat, so use it sparingly, especially at first; but it can complement sauces across many cuisines from enchilada sauce to spaghetti sauce.

Carolina Reaper mash is also great for using in soups stews, stir fry, marinades, chili beans and pasta dishes. It’s okay to be creative and experiment with it in all your favorite dishes. It’s going to add heat, flavor and spicy goodness. You might want to create your own line of salsas or sauces. The mash can be combined with any number of ingredients like vinegar, carrots, apples, or even tequila! Use your favorite spices too like lime, cumin, salt, garlic, or cilantro. There is no limit to the types of dishes the past can be added to – the user is free to engage their imagination!

Can I Make My Own Reaper Puree?

Actually, you can make your own chili pepper puree as long as you have the right peppers, use the correct salt to peppers ratio and are patient. You can use any chili peppers for making a mash as long as they have a Scoville Heat Unit rating of at least 10,000. Since the Carolina Reaper is the highest on the Scoville scale it is excellent for making a mash.

You’ll need to wash and clean the peppers to remove any bad spots, mold or rot on them. Most of the time, the seeds and stems are removed, but some people leave the seeds in the peppers.  Chop the cleaned peppers to a medium grind – not pureed. The salt is added according to weight. Since you are making a Carolina Reaper mash, you’ll want to use at least 12% salt.

Put the salt and peppers in a canning jar or other glass jar and let it sit for an hour. Stir up the mash and then do it again in another hour. After that, they will need to sit for 24 hours before stirring and mashing them down again. Now let the fermentation process take over. In a few days you’ll notice bubbles forming as demonstration that the fermentation process is in full effect. If there are too many bubbles and they reach the lid of your container, you may need to pack it all back down. Most of the fermenting process will occur in the first week or so and it should be completely done in about a month.

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